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In the list below, you can find both the elite persons who are the focus of our project, as well as others who were in contact with the researched deputies and civil servants or became part of their life stories.

A – Achtner, Michael (1832–1877), land school inspector

     Achtner, Wolfgang (1901–1991), engineer

B – Bărnuțiu, Simion (1808–1864), teacher, historian, philosopher, politician

     Baselli von Süssenberg, Ferdinand Wilhelm Christian (1909–1992), mail officer in Sydney

     Baselli von Süssenberg, Karl Ludwig Adolf (1855–1925), District Captain

     Blahož, Josef (1888–1934), officer of Legion in Russia and consul at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs




F – Fillén, Josef (1839–1889), factory owner

GGyrgiewicz, Fedor, lieutenant of the 13th Dragoon Regiment

H – Haliță, Maxim (1826–1893), Clerk in Sheriff's office, District Sherrif, Royal Head-Postman

     Haliță, Solomon (1859–1926), General Inspector of Schools, Prefect




K – Kaas, Ivor (1842–1910), Journalist, Member of Parliament

     Kaizl, Josef (1854–1901), university professor, deputy of the Imperial Council and Minister of Finance

L – Lemeni, Ioan (1780–1861), Greek Catholic Bishop

M – Macavei, Ioan (1859–1894), Priest, Journalist

      Mara z Felsőszálláspataku, Lőrinc (1823–1893), Officer, Large landowner, Member of Parliament

      Mascha, Alois Josef (1816–1888), District Captain

      Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Karl (1838–1897), historian, professor at the universities in Heidelberg and Freiburg

      Mensshengen von, Josef (1830–1891), Governmental Councillor of the Silesian Land Government in Opava

      Merkl, August (1807–1883), Land President of the Silesian Land Government in Opava

      Merkl, Bernard (1797–1857), District Captain (1851–1855) and District Administrator in Chotěboř (1855–1857)

      Merkl, Edmund (1801–1862), District Captain in Plzeň (1849–1855) and District Administrator in Smíchov (Praha) (1855–1864)

      Merkl, Heinrich (1801–1874), District Administrator in Hradec Králové (1855–1862)

      Merkl, Wilhelm (1815–1892), District Administrator in Jasło (Subcarpathian Voivodeship)

      Mikszáth, Kálmán (1847–1910), Writer, Journalist, Member of Parliament



P Píša, Adolf (1825–1880), landowner

     Pop, Vasile Ladislau (1819–1875), vice-president of the government, president of the Supreme Court, private councilor of the Emperor

     Pop Păcurariu, Corneliu (1858–1904), Journalist (Editor-in-charge), School inspector

     Preissová, Gabriela (1862–1946), writer

     Preissová-Kaizlová née Píšová, Kamila (20. 7. 1871 – 4. 4. 1930), wife of a deputy and Minister of Finance

     Proshek, Charles Edward (1893–1957), physician and Czechoslovak consul in Minneapolis in Minnesota

     Přecechtěl, Kazimír (1858–1939), the district captain in Semily (1897–1901)


RRitter z Rittersbergu, Johann (1780–1841), writer, officer, military historian, publisher of Czech national songs

     Ritter z Rittersbergu, Ludvík (1809–1858), writer

SSlavínská, Jindřiška (1843–1908), actress in the National Theatre

TThun-Hohenstein, Franz (1847–1916), governor in Bohemia and prime minister

     Tobolka, Zdeněk V. (1874–1951), historian, politician and librarian



Wvon Weizsäcker, Ernst (1882–1951), German diplomat

      von Weizsäcker, Richard (1920–2015), German President