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Registers of births, marriages and deaths are the main source for research into the historical family. In the Czech Republic, registers have generally been preserved from the period after the Thirty Years´ War onwards. Moreover, we luckily do not need to travel across the country to consult them; thanks to the fast-advancing digitalization we can browse them from the comfort of our home.

Registers can be found in the following archives:

Prague City Archives

State Regional Archives Třeboň

State Regional Archives Pilsen 

State Regional Archives Litoměřice 

State Regional Archives Zámrsk 

State Regional Archives Prague 

Moravian Land Archives Brno 

Regional Archives in Opava 

A clear map can be found on the webpage of The Czech Genealogy and Heraldry Society.

Often, however, our ancestors did not live only on the territory of the Czech Republic. We can
also find their traces in Austria, in Slovakia and other countries.