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Věra Slováková

  • Researcher, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
  • Research interests: historical demography, life and family cycles, social mobility
  • Role in the project: Data extraction and analyses, analyses of social categories, dissemination activities and scientific publishing

CV and bibliography


A short family history

The oldest preserved record of the Slovak family dates back to 1685, when Jiří Slovák from Boskovice married Mariana Svitavská, from the same town. At the beginning of the 18th century, their son Dominik married into Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. His descendants had lived there for several generations and were engaged in the fur trade. This family tradition was broken by Ignác Slovák (1873–1923), when he became a clerk in a law office and returned to Boskovice with his family after almost 200 years. He also broke the family tradition by choosing a bride whose parents did not come from Bystřice and its surroundings, as was the custom of his ancestors, but from the territory of today's Slovenia. However, when Justýna Resetz (1885–1975) was born, the map of Europe was rather different from the present day and Slovenia (then Styria) was part of the Habsburg Monarchy. Ignác's father-in-law, František Resetz, with his wife Elisabeth, settled permanently in Moravia, first working in Klepačov as a master workman and then in Brno as a factory foreman. Ignác, who later found a job as a clerk on the Boskovice estate, and Justýna had three children – Olga (1909–2001), Helena (1913–1975) and Rudolf (1918–1991). After Ignác's death in 1923, their mother, who worked as a dressmaker, had to take care of them on her own. The youngest one, Rudolf, studied mechanical engineering and later taught management theory at the Brno University of Technology. With his family, he settled in the Moravian capital, where his descendants, including his granddaughter Věra Slováková, live until today. 

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