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Klára Hulíková

  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
  • Research Interests: Demographic methodology, analysis, and models; modern analytical methods in demographic and historical demographic research; analysis of health, morbidity, and mortality
  • Role in the project: Statistical data analysis, social network analysis, dissemination activities and scientific publishing

CV and bibliography


A short family history


In the story of Klára Hulíková Tesárková, family history intersects with the topic of the present research project. In the female line, Klára is the great-granddaughter of Božena Slavíková, who was the daughter of Antonín Slavík (1869–1948), a member of the Bohemian Diet in 1908–1913 and subsequently a member of the Czechoslovak Revolutionary Assembly (1918–1920) as well as a senator (1922–1925).

Antonín Slavík came from the family of a wheelwright living in the village of Liblice, north of Prague. Unlike his eldest brother Jan, who continued his father‘s trade, Antonín was given an education that enabled him to become a teacher. Not long after Antonín reached majority in 1893, at the age of twenty-four, he married twenty-two-year-old Marie Bauerová (1871–1932), the daughter of a peasant and innkeeper. At that time Antonín Slavík worked as a teacher at a primary school in Brozany nad Ohří. Two children were born in the marriage – a daughter Božena (1893–1974) and a son Jaroslav, three years younger. The family still lived in the region of Litoměřice at the beginning of the 20th century, when Antonín Slavík became involved in politics. In 1908, he ran as a candidate for the Agrarians in the constituency of Slaný, Velvary and Libochovice, where he won and became a member of the rural curia of the Bohemian Diet. Contact with the capital city also helped him in his professional career, since he became the director of the Reinsurance Association of Insurance Companies and in 1911 he and his whole family moved to Prague, thus providing a better future for his children. His son Jaroslav became a top official in Zemská banka (Land bank) and his daughter Božena, thanks to newly established contacts, married František Karel Soukup (1887–1947).

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