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Hana Sedláčková

  • Researcher, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
  • Research Interests: history of 19th century Bohemian Lands; history of nobility; administrative and economic history of large landed estates; regional history; social mobility
  • Role in the project: Data extraction and analyses for the Bohemian MPs between 1861–1926 and for the District Captains between 1868–1926, dissemination activities and scientific publishing

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Hana Sedláčková graduated in History at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University, focusing on Czech history of the 19th century. Under the leadership of prof. Malíř has researched the administration (in more detail, the forest administration) of the aristocratic estate, its organizational structure and employees. She presented the results of her work at the international conference Nobility Reconsidred in Jyväskylä, Finland, at the Congress of Young Historians in Salamanca and at the student conference in Krakow. Since 2016, she has been working at the Museum of the Brno Region. In April 2021, she joined Villa Löw-Beer, a branch of the Brno Region Museum, where as coordination, project and program worker now works. She focuses on historical collections of the 19th and 20th centuries. She publishes articles with regional topics in the Almanach of the Brno Region Museum. In cooperation with colleagues, she prepares museum exhibitions.  Since 2020, she has been collaborating on the EXPRO project, where her task is to extract data from church books and their subsequent processing in a database.


A short family history

The market town of Žumberk lies in the foothills of the Železné hory (Iron Mountains) on the former estate of Nasavrky, property of the Princes of Auersperg.

01_hrad ŽumberkŽumberk Castle

(taken from  https://www.obec-zumberk.cz/hrad-zumberk/zumberk-hrad-3736505-1 accessed January 30, 2022)

In 1768, Prince Johann Adam Auersperg soldŽumberk cottage No. 18 - a building with a room, a chamber, a shed and a barn - to Jiřík Nevečeřal for 20 gold pieces and 45 kreutzers, to which Jiříkadded an adjacent field and a meadow, which he purchased for 62 gold pieces and 15 kreutzers, paying a total of 83 gold pieces. Žumberk cottage No. 18 is where Josef (1836-1882), the great-great-greatgrandfather of Hana Sedláčková, was born to Josef Nevečeřal and Františka Bakešová, daughter of a farmer from Švihov No. 7. In 1846 Josef and Františka Nevečeřal sold cottage No. 18 and moved to No. 59, where they both later died. Josef Nevečeřal Sr., a cottager, died on 11 August 1854. The cause of his death was "Lungensucht", i.e. lung failure, consumption; his widow Františka died on 25 February 1860 of "lung inflammation".

02_SOA Zámrsk_Zumberk_N_1835-1846_00321_Nevečeřal JosefBirth record of Josef Nevečeřal

(SRA Zámrsk, Parish Office of the Roman Catholic Church Žumberk, Register N 1835-1846, page 321)

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