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Conference of the Social Science History Association, Washington, D.C., 16–19 November, 2023

10. 11. 2023
Barbora Janáková

Our principal investigator Alice Velková (with the cooperation of Pavlína Hillerová and Petr Tureček) prepared a presentation on The Impact of Family Size on the Health and Well-Being of Its Members. Families of Senior Civil Servants in Bohemia in the Second Half of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries for the panel Long-Term Perspectives on Fertility and Its Consequences chaired by Francesco Scalone. In the session Cultural Factors in Demographic Behavior, which was chaired by Martin Dribe, our team member Věra Slováková presented a paper called Marriage Strategies as a Means to Better Well-Being: Bohemia in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century.



Besides the main conference programme, the participants had an opportunity to visit the Library of Congress and see its magnificent building and collections. During the plenary meeting Corianne Scally from the Urban Institute in Washington spoke about implementing the social scientists' results. The importance of a close connection between research and practical policies was emphasised by the President of SSHA Anne McCants as well. In her address in the last evening of the conference, she elaborated on this and stressed that the well-being of all people has a positive impact on the society as a whole. The reception provided an excellent opportunity for scholars to socialise and discuss what remained unclear after the presentations. Throughout the four-day event participants could share the latest developments of the social sciences from both sides of the Atlantic and further beyond.


A detailed programme of the conference is available here.